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Christmas Bonus

If you want a new Honda CRV, now is the best time.  Honda just came out with a Christmas Bonus on the Honda CRV.  Never has their been a better time to buy the Motor-Trend SUV of the Year.  Ask for Chad Balser.  You can call or text me for details at 740-215-3200.  Or you can email me at


All you have to do is ask for Chad Balser for an automatic discount of $1,000.00

About ME

Chad Balser

Buckeye Honda

My name is Chad Balser and I sell new and pre-owned vehicles for Buckeye Honda in Lancaster OHIO.  I am a United States Army Veteran born and raised in Lancaster OHIO.


Buckeye Honda

2615 N. Memorial Drive

Lancaster OHIO. 43130

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We are a Central Ohio Honda Dealer located on US Route 33 in Fairfield county between Columbus Ohio and Athens Ohio.





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